Thursday, March 6, 2014

Order Your Team Red Jerseys & Shorts!

Go here to order your Team Red kit today!

The Team Red cycling kits look great and you'll  look and feel more like part of the team - order you cycling kit today.

The ADA has gotten great prices on these kits for Team Red, please see the Primal  Wear Team Red site for current prices.

Whatever you do - make sure you have your kit for this year's ride and our team photo!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Please note - the info above is for TEAM RED jerseys and shorts.

    It has nothing to do with RED RIDER jerseys.

    The Red Rider jerseys are localized. There will be different Red Rider jerseys for each Tour. DE, NJ, and Philadelphia Red Rider jerseys will differ.

    Team Red and Red Rider are two different things. Please see our FAQ on that topic for clarification:

  3. Thank you for removing my previous comment. I see now that I was QUITE incorrect in my assumptions. Thank you for the link, and I'll reverse my opinions. I like these designs very much, and I really like the options of shorts and bibs. Thank you for the information.

  4. No problem, I removed the comment so others wouldn't get confused.

    There's a lot of confusion around Team Red and Red Rider - I'm glad I could help clarify. ; ) I hope to see you on the Tour!

  5. UPDATE: Primal Wear has had some production problems. Some of you have received your jerseys and some have not. I've brought this up with the ADA and they've spoken to Primal Wear, and Primal Wear will be doing everything they can to deliver our orders by our Tour de Cure on June 2nd, and by May 19th for our picture taking if at all possible.

    Any orders between now on the end of April will fall into the same delivery efforts.

    - k

  6. are these available for purchase by anyone or just those who have diabetes and ride, or belong to the team?

    Also I ask how the red incentive jersey will be given out. Will an email be sent with the information?

    Thank you and what a great even in Ambler this weekend.